The Facebook account Çhémútàî Goin Citizen has been running promotions on a Facebook group in Kenya with over 33,000 members.

The account uses the name and photos of prominent Kenyan Citizen TV news reporter Chemutai Goin.

One of its posts, dated 21 March 2023, reads: “GOOD MORNING fellow KENYANS. Chagua moja ujishindie Ksh50,000 KUTOKA ..INUA JAMII INITIATIVE FUNDS. SCHOOL FEES, RENT, BUSINESS, FOOD.”

This mix of English and Kiswahili translates as: “Good morning fellow Kenyans. Choose one among these and you will win yourself KSh50,000 from the Inua Jamii program. The choices are school fees, rent, business and food.”

Inua Jamii – Kiswahili for “uplift the community” – is a Kenyan government programme that gives cash grants to poor and vulnerable people.


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