Kurian have been given 2 weeks by Luos to move out of Migori county.” This is the headline of what appears to be the front page of Kenya’s Standard newspaper for 15 March 2023, posted on Facebook.

The Kuria people, also known as the Abakuria, belong to the Bantu linguistic group. They live in the southwestern Kenyan county of Migori, about 400 kilometres from the capital Nairobi. They are also found in neighbouring Tanzania.

Migori county’s population includes Suba-Luo, Luo, Kuria, Kisii and Luhya communities, according to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC). There are also small numbers of people of Indian, Arab and Nubian origin.

According to the latest census there were 1.1 million people in the county in 2019, of whom about 305,000 were Kuria.


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