A photo circulating on Facebook in Kenya claims to show “Northlands City”, the estate owned by the family of former Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, posted with the caption “I never knew there were people who have been living in heaven all this while”.

It shows a large spot-lit sign for “Northlands Golf Course”, outside what appears to be a parking lot, with pine trees in the background. It was posted on 27 March 2023, and screenshots of the original post were shared the following day

Northlands is a large 4,500 hectare (11,000 acre) estate, located 15 kilometres from Nairobi city centre in Ruiru, owned by the Kenyatta family. Jomo Kenyatta was the first president of democratic Kenya, while his son Uhuru Kenyatta was the fourth. The family reportedly plans to develop Northlands City – a mixed-use estate of residential, industrial and commercial units. 

On 9 March unsuccessful presidential candidate and long serving politician Raila Odinga announced countrywide mass protests against the high cost of living and what he claims are electoral misconduct and dictatorial tactics of the incumbent government.


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